Our Assurance of Confidentiality
Your trust in our company is essential.

Working with Immunology Science Editors is different from working with other online editing
services. We do not subcontract our editing services to third party employees as many sites
do. Our company was founded by the two Managing Editors, and they act as secondary
editors on every manuscript received. We do not solicit or hire editors online. We personallly
know and select additional editors from within the field of Immunology, and require them to
sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving any documents for editing.

We at Immunology Science Editors hold ourselves and our employees to the highest ethical
standards. We will neither discuss nor share your work or your ideas with third parties. Upon
satisfactory completion of our services and receipt of payment, we will permanently delete
your manuscript and data files from our computers. You have our every assurance that your
scientific findings will only be revealed by the journal of your choice, upon publication.
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