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The Editing Process:

We utilize a streamlined, two-tier editing approach that is ideal for the fast paced field of Immunology.

When your document is received, it is assigned to a Primary Editor that day. The Primary Editor first reads
your manuscript for content, then re-reads it while performing basic proof reading and copy editing tasks,
correcting common grammatical errors that may be present.

The manuscript is then sent to a Managing Editor, who reviews your document, and suggests changes that
will improve its readability. This is done by examining sentence structure and paragraph content, as well as
data descriptions.

While editing your document, our Editors will use the Microsoft Word Track changes function. Each Editor will
track their changes using a specific color. You can then choose to accept or ignore each suggested change
individually. This will allow you the utmost control over the way in which your document reads, while also
increasing your command of the written English language.

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Because we understand Immunology, we are able to edit your manuscripts to achieve the intended impact
with reviewers and journal editors in our field. We will make suggestions regarding grammar, spelling,
punctuation, tense choice and conjugations. We will assist you in keeping your manuscript concise and direct
while improving its overall flow, form, and readability. At the same time, we will pay close attention to your
figures and the way in which you describe them in the text, making sure your words accurately depict your

Immunology is both fast-paced and competitive, therefore rapid submission of your manuscript to journal
editors is critical.
We will return your edited document within 5 business days of receipt, on time, every time.

Other proofreading services only offer editing by two subject experts at an additional cost, but with
Immunology Science Editors, this level of service is our standard.
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