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Our fee scale is based on the size of your document, not including references.
Fewer than 2,000 words
2,000- 2,999 words
3,000- 4,499 words
4,500- 5,999 words
6,000- 7,999 words
0ver 8,000 words
$150.00 US
$200.00 US
$300.00 US
$400.00 US
$500.00 US
*please email us for a quote on price and turn-around time.
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Cover letters that accompany manuscripts are always edited free of charge.


Premium editing: Your document is reviewed by two Doctorate-level Immunologists. The first corrects grammatical errors and improves sentence structure. The second improves the readability of your document by focusing on paragraph structure, word choice, and the overall flow of your text. In addition, written descriptions of data are compared to figures (if provided). The result is a concise, compelling document that clearly conveys your data and ideas. Premium editing does NOT include a scientific evaluation of your content. If you make changes to your document in response to our editors' comments, we will review these for you prior to submission at no additional charge. Just highlight the new text and email it to us. NOTE that extra charges will be incurred for editing that requires a > 10% reduction in word or character counts in order to meet journal submission requirements. Contact us for more information regarding this service.

Re-submission of documents previously edited by ISE: Text revisions that are performed after submission to a journal or funding agency will be subject to an additional editing fee of $75.00.

Pre-peer Review: In response to client requests, we can now provide pre-peer review of your manuscript or grant application. Your document will be read by one editor, who will evaluate the scientific content of your document and make suggestions to improve the quality of the data or hypotheses being presented. This service is available as a stand-alone option, or can be added to our Premium Editing.
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Powerpoint poster files are edited for a flat fee of $50 US.
Pre-peer Review WITH Premium Editing: Available for an additional 30% charge over the Premium Editing rate.

Pre-peer Review WITHOUT Premium Editing: Document length < 6000 words: Available for a flat fee of $200 US per document (no English language or writing corrections are provided). Document length > 6000 words: Available for a flat fee of $350 US per document (no English language or writing corrections are provided).

We will work with you to provide the level of service you need on a per-project basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions related to pricing or turn-around time.
Manuscripts and Grant Applications: Premium Editing